[Daily dose] Why is it we have to almost die before we permit ourselves to live?

Yesterday morning we had an earthquake happen in Melbourne, and the first thing I thought about after knowing everyone was okay. Was a line I read in a book earlier that day. It read, “why is it we have to almost die before we give ourselves permission to live” - Glennon Doyle

It's nuts. Lil and I have been living on our street for about a solid six months, and it has taken a natural disaster to happen to have full conversations with our neighbours.

My brother called me right when his apartment building was shaking underneath his feet 10 floors up almost as if he needed to hear my voice and reassurance.

The earthquake stopped and I glance over too Lil as she answers FaceTime call after call from everyone she knows checking in on her. I love seeing Lil smile when she talks to those she loves, but why does it have to take such a life-threatening and scary thing to happen for us to be connected to people and to prompt us to think if I died right now, have I actually lived?

Now that is the question one day we all will be left with.

For now, let me leave this here. Please don’t let it get to you almost dying or the thought of dying kick start you really living. Don’t wait to give yourself permission to start living. You only really have today. Tomorrow is not a guarantee.


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