[Daily dose] "Wow you have changed".

I used to think change was terrible and scary. I was that person who tried so hard to be a version of myself that was “the old me”.

Recently, someone I went to high school with sent me a message. The second line read, “Wow, you have changed”. A statement made almost as if requiring an explanation.If this were teenager Sabs, I would’ve been offended by this. Now all I could think is, I am happy I have changed!

I have come to learn, that this statement may be made because of someone projecting how they may feel about themselves. Whilst feeling a type of way about you no longer living your life their way or how they had envisioned your life would be.

Reality is, if you wish to live a life true to yourself the only way is personal growth. That may mean shedding some people from your life but also as a result brining others in. That may mean that once upon a time you had a certain stance on something but have learnt more about life, chosen to ditch the ego and have accepted change of mind.

Every significant day of your life will demand a different version of you.Stop fighting the old, and start focusing on building the new.


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