The marathon continues.

Today I ran 42.2kms for the first time.

Right now, I am in a world of pain and currently feeling every single one of those kms.

Spending 4 hours out on the road gave me a lot to think about, especially when I hit a wall at 37kms. There hidden in this dark place, was this idea of a marathon and why I was doing it in the first place. So many people have questioned my reason, and in the last leg of today, I could hear loud and clear what my reasoning was. I love the dark place. I love it when I are mentally and physically pushed to the limit, I fall into survival mode and learn some real personal shit that I can't hide from.I took a deep breath and looked up towards the sky, it hit me with absolute clarity.

This wasn't the marathon.

Now I know what you think fort two point two kilometres is a marathon. What do you mean?

I mean, today's run wasn't the Marathon. It was the 550+ kms, blood, sweat and tears, rain, hail or shine, sunup or sundown in the lead-up, plus today's run that makes this a Marathon.

A marathon is a mindset, the discipline and the resilience you find once you come back from that dark place.

Right there, as I took a deep breath, I felt it. People live a marathon every day. Not just the days when they run. The never quitting, grinding, whilst feeling all the emotions and embracing them. Let those moments empower you to push through the dark place.

As the late great Nipsey hussle would say:

“The marathon continues”.


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