Andddd, ACTION!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

You were supposed to submit an assignment but you didn't. Your workout equipment is just collecting dust, whilst your clothes no longer fit.You want to start a business but the idea goes nowhere. Life will be better one day huh? It's time to stop overthinking and start doing.

Last week I spoke to my partner Lili about starting a blog. Why, you may wonder? Living with dyslexia, I have never been the best at writing and thought this could be a good challenge to expand my writing skills along side some discipline and consistency.

Never doing anything like this, that same day, I jumped online and created a fucking cool website (well I think it’s cool) and boom, here I am. Then I started to think about what should I write...

I didn't want to write about random shit; I wanted it to have purpose and help others rather than just being a random piece of content we can add to our list of screen time.

There it was, staring me right in the face (no, seriously, it was on my laptop right in front of me). I created this blog with no idea what it would be about, with no expectation, just based on taking action when most people wouldn't.

This idea of taking action is something many people struggle with. We tend to get in the way of ourselves and our personal growth; either because we think we can’t do something or because we assume others think we can’t do something (not that others should be considered in something you want to do, we will get to that in another blog).

Wouldn't it be amazing if we lived in a world of people that just took action?

A lot more would get done, and many more people would be happy and living without regret. But unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist… yet! So that’s where you come in. It starts with you; taking some action. LOUD ACTION!

Imagine every time you wanted to do something you had a few seconds before having to just go for it. Just like on a film set when the videographer has a cool clapper and to begin rolling yells out action! Well I am that videographer with the clapper and I am clapping down on the bullshit excuses you make for not doing things in your life and there is no going back got it?


Well now I have your attention you owe it to yourself take this action in your own life and who knows where you might end up. Maybe you’ll end up working in a job you actually like, having genuine relationships, or perhaps even happiness if you are willing to suffer along the way.

Anyway I have rambled on a fair bit, surely you get the gist of this weekly blog now!

I’ll speak to you later on with my first official blog (fuck yeah) about active kindness and how it is still cool to be kind.

Until then, take some action.


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