Weekly action: Is it still cool to be kind?

A few years ago, I went on one of my first ever dates with my now Fiancè Lili. Our waiter came up to take our order. Lili looked up from her menu and spoke to the waiter, “wow, you have beautiful eyes”. I was in shock from what I just heard.

The waiter then said, “Thank you so much”, with the biggest grin on his face and walked off in an uplifted mood. Still in shock, I said to Lil, “wow, that was really nice of you”. Lil looked at me with confusion. I think she had already moved on from the compliment and didn’t think of it as a big deal.

I sat there thinking to myself, why am I in shock? Is it a big deal?

Looking back, I have realised the shock came from in-exposure to kindness. I never hear random compliments like that anymore. People are so quick to bring others down rather than build each other up. Especially online.

When I was a kid, chivalry and kindness were encouraged and practised. So why has this stopped? Is it no longer cool to be kind?

People no longer say a “good morning” when they walk past a stranger on the side of the street. We no longer hold the door open to those passing through, no longer checking in on someone just purely for the sake of giving a shit with no other motive.

Kindness has enormous amounts of power, and it can liberate us from self-obsession & isolation. Kindness is true generosity and giving without any expectations.

So how can we be more kind?

Well, the answer, like most things the practice of actions.

If you think you are actively kind, this should be a piece of cake. And for those who are unsure or can’t be fucked (well, you pretty much just told me you definitely need this)

I have developed a 21-day practice guide of kindness with a set of guidelines to follow below.

  • One act of kindness every day for 21 days.

  • Genuine acts only (none of this I have to be kind bullshit, that’s not kindness that’s just a chore)

  • 21 different acts over the 21 days. (Anyone can buy someone a coffee everyday, you would just be wasting your time and money)

  • Write down each individual act to review

  • If you miss a day, you will then start over from day 1

  • Once completed the 21 days, it’s time to review your findings and pass this guide onto someone else

Still think you can do it? Great!!! Let’s get started!

Here is the guide below.Start today and come back in 21 days to dive into the review with me.

Thanks for your kindness and reading today!

Next Monday, I will be talking about self-belief and living with confidence. For now, keep an eye out for the daily dose.

Until then, take action,


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