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to empower myself and others to take action .


Hi, I am Sabrina.

This is the part where I am supposed to real off the list of what I do for a living and what I have achieved because that is apparently what defines me and what people care about or if I am even deemed qualified to have your attention. You probably want to know where I was born and what I was like as a kid because somehow that gives people a glimpse into who I am today?In some ways yes I am sure all that helps paint the picture but in most ways it doesn't give you an idea on who I really am. The person I am today though I will say this , I hope I am definitely not like that a year from now, not in a I hate my life kind of way, more in a growth and learning kind of way. So now you are thinking just fucking tell us who you are!

Okay, okay I won't keep you any longer.

Today, I am someone who is trying to improve my reading and writing someone who loves watching and playing sports ,a partner, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I love challenging myself , learning new things and just doing things because I want to. I guess thats why I am here, this is just something I wanted to do that I know will not only help me, but also help others along the way.